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English, Portuguese, Spanish

From his childhood in São Paulo, Brazil, up to living in Berlin, Germany, Rafael Nicolau’s life was always embraced by the magic of music and sound design.


His musical roots started growing under the influence of classic and progressive rock bands, such as Deep Purple, Rush, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, and Queen. By the age of 14, Rafael began playing the drums, opening new horizons for his musical development.


He formed the Electric Age Band, which gave him the opportunity to play in Monsters of Rock festival with 30,000 people attending, alongside giants such as Whitesnake and Aerosmith. In parallel to the band and always looking to improve his knowledge of audio engineering, Rafael also worked in the advertisement studio Audio Boutique, where he assisted on the recording and mixing of several TV, radio, and YouTube ads, granting him experience in sound design as well as the dynamics of a professional studio.


In 2017, Rafael earned his diploma in Music Production from Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo, expanding his interest in new styles such as electronic music. Later on, Rafael moved to Berlin where he earned his diploma in Audio Engineering and his bachelor’s in Audio Production.

His experience in Berlin, was very enriching for his life and career. Having the opportunity to work with Berlin-based bands and filmmakers, Rafael was able to grow his portfolio and experience new, experimental projects.

Rafael's academic background and contact with different cultures and artistic diversity help him navigate through the different helms of audio production and gives him the confidence and drive to always keep up-to-date and learning.

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